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Current CDC reports show that an astounding 71% of Americans are overweight. More troubling is that 36% of adults (ages 20-60+) and 16% of children and young adults (ages 2-19) within the 71% have crossed the threshold, reaching obesity level.

America has truly reached a state of nutritional crisis.

Unhealthy weight gain and weight loss have become a epidemics in this country for many reasons. Two major contributors are lack of science-based, nutritional education leading to a poor diet and unhealthy relationship with food and the absence of intentional daily physical movement.

Instead of addressing the root cause of the problem, each year Americans spend over $65 billion on gimmicky diets and nutrition fads created by companies with little or no science-based research to substantiate their protocol. While the numbers are staggering, the real price is the toll it takes on our health. Unregulated weight loss supplements can pose detrimental health risks, while restrictive diets deprive us of vital nutrients our bodies must have to perform optimally. As a result, we are left feeling discouraged and miserable.

That’s why CURA’s CEO, Paul Saltman, founded CURA. He believes that setting smart nutritional goals in order to achieve sustainable health is one of the most personally defining moments in a person’s life. Having struggled with weight early in his life and then most recently with esophageal cancer, he was determined to create a new kind of health and nutrition lifestyle program – one that is developed by real, nutrition and dietary experts that will help people achieve whole wellness and sustainable weight management.

CURA focuses on embracing the whole person and providing customized, science and evidence-based, nutrition recommendations that treat the root cause of unhealthy behaviors restoring balance and empowering you towards living a healthier, happier life.

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