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    Nutritious, delicious recipes approved by our team of RDN experts to optimize your metabolism + overall health.

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    Receive RDN-analyzed + approved recipes each week delivered directly to your inbox.

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    A personal digital recipe box to store your favorite recipes
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  • Ditch the Diet & Exercise Myths

    Losing weight takes more than desire, it takes commitment and knowing the ‘Facts’. Each week, CURA’s Nutrition Team guides you on your journey to optimal nutrition + healthy weight management by sharing science-based information on What to Know, What to Eat + Ways to Get Moving.

Access interactive tools + online resources
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Personal Online Meal Planner, Progress Trackers
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  •  Digital BMR Calculator

    Determine the REAL number of calories you need each day
    to perfect your weight management recipe.

     CURA Kitchen™

    Access our incredible library of RDN-created recipes
    + use your personal online meal planner tool to create delicious, nutritious dishes for every meal.

     Personal Progress Trackers

    Stay motivated and on-track using our online personal progress tracking tools in CURA Kitchen™ + CURA Active™.

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  • Eat to LIVE While LOVING What You Eat

    With thousands of recipes at your fingertips, a digital nutrition calculator and meal planner CURA provides you and your family with foods you will love plus the nutrition you need to eat your way to better health + weight management. CURA makes eating healthy as SIMPLE as 1, 2, 3!

The complete CURA Solution™ including CURA Match™,
developed + delivered by your Personal RDN

Personal RDN Counseling,
Lifestyle Change Program, Custom Meal Plans
+ ALL the benefits of CURA Connected

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  • CURA Match™

    Create a personal connection with a CURA RDN
    based on your preferences + medical needs.

     Personal RDN Counseling

    Your custom Lifestyle Change Program is tailored to
    your specific needs + goals ensuring a successful journey.

     Suite of CURA Tracking Tools

    Stay motivated and on-track plus learn how your
    habits directly impact your overall health + well-being.

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  • A Truly Personalized Experience

    The greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a HEALTHY YOU! By matching you with a CURA RDN that has similar interests and is educated on your medical needs and preferences CURA creates a personal connection + support system for you during your journey towards healthy weight management. See how your custom CURA Lifestyle Change Program will spell lasting success for YOU!

Build your own plan to address all your nutrition needs
based on your personal preferences, medical requirements + gender

Choose Custom Meal Plans, RDN Personal Counseling
+ ALL the features offered in our CURA Memberships
$9 – $129/per feature

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  •  Custom Meal Plans

    Benefit from science-based, custom meal plans created
    + analyzed by our RDNs to optimize your metabolism.

     RDN Counseling Solutions

    Ask An RDN or 1:1 RDN Counseling to answer all your
    nutrition + weight management questions.

     Personal Progress Trackers

    Stay motivated and on-track using our online personal progress tracking tools in CURA Kitchen™ + CURA Active™.

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  • Good Nutrition is Our Mission

    We believe if you eat well, your mind and body will be well. But sometimes it’s hard to know what to eat when you have medical needs or food preferences. CURA takes the guesswork out of mealtime with our custom meal plans developed by our team of RDNs. CURA makes eating healthy as SIMPLE as 1-2-3!