Resolutions Don’t Work. But This Does.

 Try these 5-steps to Sustainable Change Are you feeling ready to start fresh… to get on with living a healthy happy life? Have you started thinking about which resolutions will help you get where you’d like to be? Having a vision and a plan is essential. There’s really no better time than the present moment to get started. Designing a …

11 Easy Ways to Live Mindfully

Mindfulness is being recognized for the many health and well-being benefits it provides. Less stress and anxiety. Reduced pain. Increased happiness, and self-acceptance. Mindfulness can even be applied to support your healthy weight loss goals… Are you intrigued? Sounds promising, right? But do find that when you think of approaching this thing called “mindfulness” it seems foreign, mysterious and out of …

10 Tips to Keep Yourself Moving During the Holidays

Are you struggling to stay on point with your fitness and health goals? It’s no joke, these last months of each year are a test when it comes to making healthy choices. Yes, it’s busy. It’s fun. It’s the season of cheer and… sweets, treats, and feasts are everywhere. It’s a food festival! Add planning, shopping, and celebrating… and oh …

18 Tips for Eating Healthy During the Holiday Season

No getting around it, the holidays are a time of indulgence. With so many yummy seasonal coffee drinks, alluring libations, delicious office treats, and decadent feasts is it even remotely possible to make it through without gaining a ton a weight? We say yes! It is possible to eat in alignment with your healthy lifestyle goals WITHOUT feeling deprived… Your …

2 slices whole grain or sprouted grain bread spread with 1 teaspoon vegan buttery spread

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A healthy alternative with the same great taste as regular butter. 2 slices whole grain or sprouted grain bread spread with 1 teaspoon vegan buttery spread

4 Steps to Reduce Holiday Stress

4 Steps to Reduce Holiday Stress It’s December, which means it’s game-on for the holiday-palooza that happens each year. This highly anticipated four week adventure is filled with sparkly celebrations, meaningful traditions, smiles and tons of fun… right? Well, that’s what we hope it will be. Truth… the holiday months are known to be a time of unrealistic expectations, financial …

Cottage Cheese with Strawberries and Walnut Halves

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Layer the cheese, strawberries, and walnuts in a fancy glass and enjoy a fancy parfait, or stir it all up and mix together for a swirling delight right? Cottage Cheese with Strawberries and Walnut Halves

Fresh Baby Spinach and Garbanzo Bean Salad with Cucumbers and Carrots

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This salad will please every bud in your pallette. The crescendo of textures is a symphony of crisp and clean. Fresh Baby Spinach and Garbanzo Bean Salad with Cucumbers and Carrots

Banana Slices (quarter cup)

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Bananas are depicted in hieroglyphs in Egypt and it’s scientific name musa sapientum translates to “fruit of the wise men”. Bananas are one of the fruits in a select group that float in water because they are less dense than water. Apples, and watermelons are also in this select group of unusual fruits. Believe it or not, the banana plant is …

1/4 cup almonds

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Almonds are rich in fiber, vitamin E and magnesium. Nuts make up a key part of a healthy and varied diet. Their relatively long shelf life, portability and rich nutrient profile make nuts an ideal snack idea to help you maintain a healthy diet on the go. 1/4 cup almonds

Cardio and Resistance Training in a Single Session? When, and in What Order?

Ever wonder if you can do Cardio, and Resistance Training in a Single Session? If so, when should you do them, and in what order? You can get superbly fit by practising the fitness ‘triad’ — which is: Resistance, strength training Aerobic training – running, biking, rowing etc Anaerobic training – interval, short to medium high-intensity exercise However, timing these activities for best …

Stay Focused With 10 Useful Ways to Overcome Brain Frazzle

To stay focused when your brain feels foggy and frazzled can be a real challenge. It can really put a damper on your goals for the day.  Learning why your brain can become frazzled and knowing the steps to take, will help you regain control and feel like you’re able to think clearly again. Here are 10 useful ways to …

Eggs And Greens

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Most likely you’ve got the two stars of this recipe in your refrigerator right now. Greens tend to be relegated to slow, long cooking such as braising, but the more delicate of these, such as dandelion, can be wilted and used in a quick meal. Choose any you wish-spinach, arugula, dandelions, kale, collard greens, you get the idea. Eggs And Greens

10 Ways to Fit in Exercise This Holiday Season

Whether it’s the most stressful time of the year or you’ve been a little too jolly during the holidays, it can be hard to make extra time for exercise. The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise for cardiovascular health. If 30 minutes a day, 5 days per week seem like too much; smaller increments of …